Motorola a Google Company

Motorola was one of the first mobile communications company. They invented most of the protocols and technologies that make mobile communication possible. Including the first mobile phone, and first base station and most of everything in between. working with Google was one of the best moves Motorola could do. Which running Android operating systems on there mobile devices was smart. Not only Google’s OS but near stock that everyone looks for. Another great feature that Motorola introduced in the mobile market was the freedom to customize your phone to your liking. That was the Moto X, which also had other great features that no one else had. Which made this a unique phone. Having the touchless control and active display. Along with the multiple processors. I had the pleasure to hear of a future wearable the Motorola 360 smartwatch, which also has features the Moto X and watch can share. I hope to see more of Project ARA. Oh for those of you who don’t know what Project ARA is. They are giving the cosumers the chance the build there own Moto X. Yes a mogular phone, pick your processor, your memory etc. Motorola looks like to have good things to come in the future. Keep rocking the solid hardware Motorola you haven’t let me down yet. If you get to go to Motorola’s website to check out there products and future ones to come.

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