Recon Snow



Heads up display for Alpine Goggles



Your day on the mountain is about to change forever. All the information that you could need to make an incredible ski day, even better, is available completely unobtrusively and without distraction. The MOD Live heads-up display has been designed to enrich, but never disrupt your alpine experience – it delivers crisp, widescreen graphics when you want them, and keeps them out-of-sight when you don’t. Speed, vertical descent, jump airtime, navigation and distance are all delivered using built-in precision GPS and an integrated suite of sensors.

Once your MOD Live has been loaded into any Recon Ready goggle, your Heads-up Display sits unobtrusively in the bottom right side of your goggle frame. Not only do you retain a full eighty four degrees of visibility looking forward, but you also keep a full view of your peripheral regions too.



The ingenious optics behind the MOD Live ensures that you do not need to refocus when viewing your Heads-up Display. Due to the innovative prism technology, all your stats and data will appear as though you’re looking at a fourteen inch screen from a distance of five feet.



The precision GPS capabilities of the MOD Live can pin-point your location to within a meter, tracing your every move on the slopes. The on-board altimeter shadows you to the summit, while the gyroscope and accelerometer drive you to the base.

As you set off, carving through the backcountry, your path is followed from mountain peak to ski lodge. Long gone are the days of soggy paper trail maps. You can now find your way around resorts easily aided by intuitive navigational features.




Load your MOD Live into any Recon Ready goggle by simply snapping the Heads-up Display into your goggle frame. Once locked in, the MOD Live sits stealthily within your frame, unobtrusively delivering all your real time stats and sensory data direct-to-eye.



So check out They also have a Jet version as well.


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